July 06, 2020

Lessons from Industry Leaders for the New Normal

As a company, Studio Designer recognizes our essential role⏤allowing a large community of designers and business professionals to continue to work remotely on projects without skipping a beat. With the ongoing concerns of the pandemic, we sought ...

July 01, 2019

Maximalism in Full Bloom at LCDQ's LEGENDS

The “more is more” sentiment fueling interior design’s maximalism movement shows no signs of slowing down. Intricate and ornate design styles continue to rise in prominence—eclipsing the past decade’s yen for pared-down minimalism. As explored in ...

April 30, 2019

Understanding Google Rankings: A Guide For Interior Designers

Top search engine positions are the prime real estate of the digital world. Design studios with top organic (non-paid) Google search positions get the digital equivalent of the foot traffic that one secures from having a Park Avenue retail space.

March 20, 2019

Can Your Design Studio Get More Out Of Houzz?

As a Certified Houzz Consultant that has been offering Houzz optimization services since 2011, I’ve learned a lot about when Houzz can serve as anamazingly powerful marketing tool for design studios and when it is an outright waste of time.

March 01, 2019

Find Joy in Design with KonMari

Just five years ago, Japanese organizing guru Marie Kondo released her book The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up and her profile and influence has been on an astonishing rise ever since. Her signature KonMari tidying-up method of a home has ...

February 15, 2019

Rugs: Get Your Floors Covered

In the spirit of Maximalism—which we covered in a blog post last month—Studio Designer urges interior designs to go full hilt with the boundless variety of rugs available and consider decorating a home with as many rugs as you can fit. Of course ...

January 31, 2019

Does Procrastination Limit Your Studio’s Growth?

You’ve invested several years of your life into getting a solid interior design education. You followed that up by working for others to refine your craft and build your name. And, now that you are the owner and lead designer of your own studio, ...

January 18, 2019

Give Into Maximalism: More is More

As we embark on a new year of superlative design, the famous “New Year, New Me” resolution presents a perfect opportunity for designers to try something unexpected, bold, and daring in their 2019 designs. For designers bursting with creative ...

January 03, 2019

Light Up the New Year

As we celebrate the arrival of 2019 and a fresh start for the New Year, what better way to celebrate the occasion by throwing the spotlight on the decorative elements that add sparkle, pizazz, and lavish finishing touches to room ...

December 13, 2018

3 Digital Ways To Secure Repeat Clients

Repeat clients are what allows a business to grow. Whether the brand is Holly Hunt, Uber, Coca-Cola, or Kravet, it is always more difficult to get first sales than repeat ones.