July 06, 2020

Lessons from Industry Leaders for the New Normal

As a company, Studio Designer recognizes our essential role⏤allowing a large community of designers and business professionals to continue to work remotely on projects without skipping a beat. With the ongoing concerns of the pandemic, we sought ...

March 20, 2019

Can Your Design Studio Get More Out Of Houzz?

As a Certified Houzz Consultant that has been offering Houzz optimization services since 2011, I’ve learned a lot about when Houzz can serve as anamazingly powerful marketing tool for design studios and when it is an outright waste of time.

January 31, 2019

Does Procrastination Limit Your Studio’s Growth?

You’ve invested several years of your life into getting a solid interior design education. You followed that up by working for others to refine your craft and build your name. And, now that you are the owner and lead designer of your own studio, ...

December 13, 2018

3 Digital Ways To Secure Repeat Clients

Repeat clients are what allows a business to grow. Whether the brand is Holly Hunt, Uber, Coca-Cola, or Kravet, it is always more difficult to get first sales than repeat ones.

November 08, 2018

2 Ways to Quickly Get Interior Design Clients

The Studio Designer blog, Top 10 Business Practices, features great advice from design business consultant and Studio Designer CEO Keith Granet.

October 19, 2018

Culture Skill Chart to Assess Employees


In Chapter 4 of The Business of DesignKeith explores the important asset of any good design business: the staff. In this “Human Resources” Chapter, Keith emphasizes that a design business is at its core a service business that relies on the ...

October 09, 2018

Here’s How To See If Google Likes Your Website

Google has created a tool to show us how it perceives sites so that we can improve them and give searchers a better experience. By taking action on what we learn from this tool, we can potentially increase our site’s search engine position and ...

October 05, 2018

Design Blogs We Love

Studio Designer finds great inspiration in the vast array of design blogs and design-business blogs found on the Internet, many of which have considerable influence on not only interior designers but the design world at large. 

September 28, 2018

Trade Wars and Your Design Business

As interior designers, you generally don’t have to pay attention to the national news when it comes to your profession as the last thing you need is another source of anxiety to add to your daily business operations. However, the news about ...

September 21, 2018

Five Ways to Make Everyone on Your Team a Marketer

In Chapter 3 of The Business of Creativity, Keith Granet describes the best practices of marketing for a design business. He considers why keeping yourself "front and center for all kinds of stakeholders" is vital so that projects will naturally ...