March 12, 2020

Remote work: Tips for Management

Studio Designer, like so many companies, are implementing safety measures that are requiring remote work, and many managers are dealing with remote management for the first time. Whether this is your team’s first experience remote, or something ...

February 15, 2019

Rugs: Get Your Floors Covered

In the spirit of Maximalism—which we covered in a blog post last month—Studio Designer urges interior designs to go full hilt with the boundless variety of rugs available and consider decorating a home with as many rugs as you can fit. Of course ...

January 31, 2019

Does Procrastination Limit Your Studio’s Growth?

You’ve invested several years of your life into getting a solid interior design education. You followed that up by working for others to refine your craft and build your name. And, now that you are the owner and lead designer of your own studio, ...

January 18, 2019

Give Into Maximalism: More is More

As we embark on a new year of superlative design, the famous “New Year, New Me” resolution presents a perfect opportunity for designers to try something unexpected, bold, and daring in their 2019 designs. For designers bursting with creative ...

January 03, 2019

Light Up the New Year

As we celebrate the arrival of 2019 and a fresh start for the New Year, what better way to celebrate the occasion by throwing the spotlight on the decorative elements that add sparkle, pizazz, and lavish finishing touches to room ...

December 13, 2018

3 Digital Ways To Secure Repeat Clients

Repeat clients are what allows a business to grow. Whether the brand is Holly Hunt, Uber, Coca-Cola, or Kravet, it is always more difficult to get first sales than repeat ones.

December 07, 2018

Living Coral: 2019 Color of the Year

On December 5th PANTONE announced the selection of Living Coral as their 2019 Color of the Year, a vibrant hue found in nature described as “animating and life-affirming.” As the world’s leading authority on color standards, the PANTONE Color ...

November 30, 2018

Signs and Warnings of a Bad Employee


Keith Granet shares some eye-opening advice about clients and staff in Chapter 5 of The Business of Creativity titled “The People You Don’t Need in Your Life.” He declares right away that the title is misleading because it really is about ...

November 16, 2018

BEYOND PAINT: Wallcoverings on the Vendor Portal

The cyclical nature of fashion and design trends means that the wallpapers that were so popular a few decades ago are finally reemerging as a popular and desired way to transform walls beyond paint. As this blog post from Collector’s Weekly ...

November 08, 2018

2 Ways to Quickly Get Interior Design Clients

The Studio Designer blog, Top 10 Business Practices, features great advice from design business consultant and Studio Designer CEO Keith Granet.

November 02, 2018

Hear From Our Experts: A Chat with Marla Marshall, CPA

Studio Designer has been the top design business software for nearly three decades and from its inception has been well-supported by a national network of certified consultants who are considered official experts of the platform. These ...